My Transgender Prayer

by - 4:05 PM

Dearest Father, Closest Friend, 
Help me to be that which I am. 
Help me to eschew that which I am not. 
Help me to be more than before.
Help me to know the difference. 
Refine me. 
Do not let hatred define me. 
Do not let bitterness beset me.
But let mercy be my byword.
Let forgiveness fill my steps. 
Remind me
that your children are not perfect.
and when they hurt me,
remind me that neither am I.
Let the pain I bear
ease the burden of future generations
may the fights I fight
be won for those that come behind
help me to be full of grace
for those who walk with me
and let me not forget
the sacrifice of those who came before
Oh God of Ages
Who shapes the world even now
May your kingdom come
and may it’s justice reign
do not let disappointment break me
do not let satisfaction dull me
do not let hatred slay me
do not let pride destroy me
let all that I am be a song unto you
and let me sing it without restraint
mend relationships
fill emptiness
dispel darkness
comfort brokenness
soothe hurts
bind wounds
make ready your bride
and we will dance for you
for we love you
for I love you
Great are you God
Creator of the Universe
Who has formed us 
pure and spotless
in our mothers wombs
who calls us beautiful
who believes us lovely
who loves us, even now
We are your Sons
We are your Daughters
Hold us
Protect us
Lift us up
for you are our Father
and you love us
and we love you
and so it shall ever be

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